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End the conflict - and finally enjoy life after divorce

Get the Tools You Need to Succeed at Co-parenting

I also specialize in helping you and your ex become truly effective co-parents who can successfully navigate conflict without either party losing an eye. Learn how to engage in constructive dialogue that puts your kids first and leads to meaningful and worthwhile solutions for both parents. My goal is to make you independent of the need for professional intervention as quickly as possible— thereby saving you money.

  • ·Avoid the common co-parenting mistakes that get you into trouble.
  • ·Understand how your ex really works so you can negotiate better.
  • ·Create win-win solutions.
  • ·Learn how to communicate so things don’t spiral out of control.
  • ·Be fearless and confident with your ex.
Creative Co-Parenting Boulder CO

Your Kids are Always Watching

Research shows that your relationship with your ex forms the blueprint for the way your kids will relate to others when they become adults.

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Did you know?
A healthy co-parenting relationship with your ex helps your kids:

  • ·Succeed in school
  • ·Boost self-esteem
  • ·Decrease anxiety
  • ·Build quality friendships
  • ·Reduce behavior problems

Stop the Stress and Conflict Right Away

Creative Co-parenting is a refreshing approach to co-parenting that combines cutting-edge science about effective communication, expert knowledge about kids’ ages and stages, and nuts-and-bolts support for the full range of co-parenting issues.

While other co-parenting approaches focus on helping you work out situational problems such as where to send your kids to school or how much time to spend at either house, Creative Co-parenting goes way beyond that.

As co-parents, you’ll learn how to diffuse threat in your relationship and relate to each other with fairness and respect for the sake of modeling healthy relationships for your children’s future.

Parenting Counseling Boulder CO

Create a Co-parenting Relationship That Your Kids Will Thank You For

No matter how bad it’s been between you, you can move past your divorce and solve even the most difficult problems so that it feels fair— to both of you.

Parenting Divorce Counseling Boulder CO

Get creative solutions that let you move on with your life.

Parenting Divorce Therapy Boulder CO