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Couples Counseling in Boulder, CO

Do you feel tortured by not knowing where you stand in your relationship? Are you tired of feeling blindsided by the sarcasm and lack of support? Are you being dismissed by your partner and feeling ignored? Do you go to sleep at night crying with worry about your marriage problems and how you’re going to make it on your own? Do you feel like you don’t know what you’ve done wrong- and find yourself wondering how something so beautiful could shatter so quickly?

Affairs. Addictions. Blaming and shaming. These are the relationship problems I help people solve every day.

Let me show you how to stop worrying and get the rock-solid certainty that youll never be alone again.

You want to live your deepest passion. You want someone who’s going to protect your happiness. A partner who cherishes and understands you.

Couples counseling can help. My couples therapy teaches you how to be at your best with each other and create that gut-level connection and commitment.

Here are some of the problems I help couples solve:

-work-life balance
-blended families
Gabrielle Usatynski Boulder CO

Gabrielle Usatynski MA, LPC

Gabrielle Usatynski MA LPC, is a professional marriage and family therapist and relationship expert. She holds a master’s degree in Clinical Counseling with an Emphasis in Couple and Family Therapy. Over the last decade, she’s transformed the lives of hundreds of couples, teaching them to regain love and trust at her Boulder-based private practice. She specializes in helping couples get to the root of their relationship problems quickly and efficiently. She lives with her husband Ted in Broomfield, CO. Together, they have created a digital education program called Sacred Intimacy that teaches couples how to bring spirituality into their relationship.

Don’t settle for anything less than a lifelong companion and amazing connection.

You might be afraid to talk to your partner about your relationship problems because you fear they might leave you. You might be just starting out as a couple. You may be wondering if the two of you should get married and if premarital counseling can prepare you for the long road ahead. Or, you may be wondering if you are with the right person and considering divorce counseling.

I understand. These are the problems I can help you solve immediately in my Boulder marriage counseling practice.

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Most couples wait way too long before seeking marriage help.

Out of all of the things we do as human beings, our intimate relationships are arguably the hardest thing to make work. And when they aren’t working, and without the support of couples therapy, it affects every other area of our life: we can have trouble performing at work, we can feel emotionally wrecked, stressed, upset, irritated and ready to call it quits. Kids, in-laws, money and an over-scheduled life only amplify our relationship problems. Instead of feeling like lovers, you and your partner can end up feeling like business associates at best and enemies at worst.

To make all of this even harder, we receive no education in how to be successful at our intimate relationships. Most of us aren’t taught how to prevent relationship problems when we are young, nor is premarital counseling a common practice. We go to school to learn how to think and get job training so we can be successful at a particular occupation; we hire personal trainers to help us learn how to get in shape. But unfortunately our society provides almost no formal counseling for couples to help them have healthy intimate relationships. It’s no wonder that the national divorce rate is so high and divorce counseling is one of the most common reasons couples seek help. In the absence of solid guidance, it makes sense that when you and your partner try to solve your marital problems on your own, you can just end up fighting more, withdrawing from each other and only making matters worse. Most couples wait way too long before seeking marriage help. They just hope things will "work themselves out”...well, in my experience, without professional help, many couples can’t solve difficult problems on their own.

I have the professional skills and extensive experience to help you solve your marital problems.

If you are seeking relationship therapy, there is hope! The two of you don’t have to go it alone. You need professional couples counseling to get you out of pain quickly and help you create a stable environment of love and support with each other, so you can experience your relationship as a source of strength instead of stress. My counseling for couples is targeted to helping you identify exactly what the problems are in your relationship, so you can get on the path to healing right from the very first session. I take a balanced yet direct approach to working with couples. I help you learn how your partner works so you can rebuild your relationship from the ground up. As your marriage and family therapist, I make sure that both of you feel that your voice is heard and most importantly, I help you hear one another.

If you Googled “marriage counseling near me,” you would no doubt be confronted with a lot of options. It can be confusing to try to figure out which marriage and family therapist is right for you. You may feel that you don’t know where to turn: You might not know whether you need family therapy, couples counseling, or divorce counseling. What approach or technique is really going to get you the help you need?

The approach to couples therapy that I use is an extremely fast and effective way to solve your relationship problems.

It is grounded in a leading-edge, research-based understanding of what makes relationships work. It gets to the heart of the matter by getting underneath the surface layer of your problems with your partner so you can solve the root issues and create lasting change.

Getting your relationship on track using couples counseling is going to give you a better experience of your relationship and yourself! You’ll be able to finally resolve your marital problems about whether or not you should be together—and start building the kind of life you want. With relationship therapy, you and your partner will experience increased connection and will feel relieved because you’ll be fighting less and enjoying life together a whole lot more. Marriage counseling is going to help you rediscover the preciousness of being together.

Couples therapy is going to free up the time and energy you have been wasting on worrying about your relationship - so you can devote your energy to what matters most to you.

But the transformation is going to go even deeper than that: What a lot of people don’t realize is that when you take steps to improve your intimate relationship through counseling for couples, this improvement can’t help but extend into every area of your life: Having a great relationship is going to reduce your overall stress level, relieve anxiety and depression and boost your immune system. Marital therapy is going to free up the time and energy you have been wasting on worrying about your marital problems so you can devote those resources to what matters most to you. Your overall life functioning is bound to improve when your relationship is thriving.

My approach to marital counseling not only helps you get solutions to your most difficult problems, but you are going to leave armed with the skills you need to handle the inevitable challenges of life as a team. By the end of couples therapy, you’ll have a substantial “relationship toolkit” that will give you the confidence you need to solve problems together.

I provide the professional guidance and proven techniques you need to rebuild your relationship and get back on track. I offer a warm, welcoming setting for clients of every ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, political orientation and religious affiliation.

Gabrielle is honored to be the upcoming guest speaker at a private event for the medical staff of Boulder Community Hospital. This event is not open to the public but if you'd like Gabrielle to speak on the importance of healthy relationships at your private event, please contact her.